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Meet Abby

Hi, I'm Abby and I am a yogini, dancer, musician, and explorer. Through a holistic approach to movement, I help people use their bodies to become their own unique medicine.


Years growing up and working in the dance industry left me with my scars.  Through my adolescence, I battled with body image issues and an eating disorder, and this struggle went well into my career.  Dancing, what initially started out as a form of freedom, an expression of my heart without words, became a perfectionism prison.  

The practice of yoga and ecstatic dance, and the practice of singing my own unique song has helped me to become my own medicine, and to enjoy the wonder of my human body and how it can interact in harmony with the world around it.

We are blessed with such a Divine gift in this lifetime, with bodies and voices that, when they can be in harmony with the elements around us, can truly be our medicine.  When we find this power, we can do anything, and we can see magic everywhere!

It would be my pleasure to guide you on your transformation journey, and to help you to find your magic.

Warm embrace,









I would also love to express my gratitude and many thanks to my wonderful mother who has created the beautiful logo for my business, and my dear friend Gavin McCaig, who has helped bring this website to life!

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