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Meet Abby

Hi, I'm Abby and I am a professional dancer, yoga teacher, healer, and embodied movement coach.  I strive to help people regain their authentic voice through movement, so they can really learn to dance, move, and speak from their heart.  I offer loving empowerment.


Years growing up and working in the dance industry left me with my scars.  Through my adolescence, I battled with body image issues and an eating disorder, and this struggle went well into my career.  Dancing, what initially started out as a form of freedom, an expression of my heart without words, became something else.  It became a need to be perfect, a need to have my body be perfect, a need to have my dancing be perfect... and I lost the sense of dancing for myself.  I was dancing for someone else.

Finally on a visit home for a guest dance performance I realised I was extremely unhappy.  I wanted to leave this art I had once loved so much because the art wasn't MINE anymore.  I wasn't able to be perfect for someone else.  And that's when I made a shift.

I resigned from the company I was working with, started therapy for the many scars the dance industry had left me, received my yoga teaching certification, and began my healing journey with my body, through my own sacred movement.

We are blessed with such a Divine gift in this body, and through embodied movement, we are able to express our hearts, our truth, when words are hard.  We can feel grounded in our bodies, in our temporary home, and through this expression of the heart in movement, we are able to express our authentic selves in all aspects of our lives.  

It would be my pleasure to guide you on your transformation journey, and to help you feel empowered in your own authentic truth.  Please feel free to reach out to me.

Sending all my love and super Namaste!









I would also love to express my gratitude and many thanks to my wonderful mother who has created the beautiful logo for my business, and my dear friend Gavin McCaig, who has helped bring this website to life!

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