Workshops and Courses

Yoga and Wellness for Dancers


This five-module course is designed specifically for dancers and includes movement practices like yoga, embodiment and ecstatic dance, as well as inner-work to help you to feel more fulfilled not only as a dancer, but as a human as well! We will move through self-doubt, body image issues, and traumas we encounter in the dance industry to help you feel more alive, free, and fulfilled.

Divine Woman

In this 3-month course with personalised coaching, we work through elements of the shadow self, our inner child, and self-love and nourishment to help you feel FREE and your full self; the Divine Woman.  More information about this course will be coming soon, but if you're interested, feel free to set up a call with me via my calendal link below.















Reiki I & II

As a Holy Fire Reiki Master, I am now offering attunement and certification for Reiki I and II students. These courses will occur over 1-2 days, and you will be provided with a manual.  Becoming attuned to Reiki energy will give you the ability to call upon this energy to send healing to yourself and others.