Yoga and Wellness for Dancers

For many years of my career, I spent my time obsessed with perfection. I wanted my dancing to be perfect, I wanted my body to be perfect, and I wanted to be "the best" because I wanted to prove to my family, my teachers, my bosses that I had succeeded. That I was worthy.

This led me down a spiral of battling anorexia, and constantly believing that no matter what I did, I wasn't good enough. Soon, I lost my joy of dance and really was just dancing to please my boss. To have outside approval and validation. I spent hours a day trying to be "perfect" for someone else. 


Sound familiar?

Eventually, I found myself completely burned out; unsure if I even wanted to dance anymore. I knew I loved dancing, but I knew I couldn't carry on like this. I knew I needed to be able to rest, and I knew I needed to start dancing for ME again.


And that's why I created this course. To help dancers like you who feel burned out, and who miss this sense of joy you felt when you stepped into your first dance class. Because isn't that why we dance in the first place? To feel joy and freedom, and to share our beautiful ability to express ourselves without words?

This six-module course includes movement practices like yoga, embodiment and ecstatic dance, as well as inner-work to help you to feel more fulfilled not only as a dancer, but as a human as well! We will move through self-doubt, body image issues, and traumas we encounter in the dance industry to help you feel more alive, free, and fulfilled. Together, we will dance our authentic dance and return to our hearts. We will love ourselves together, and learn practices to take out into our daily lives. Through this course, we'll begin to transform how you dance, move, and live, so that you can nurture your unique dancing heart.


Each week brings us a new module, as well as a weekly live zoom call (recorded for you if you're not able to attend live).


We'll dive into:


Freedom with Movement

Nourishing the Body

Moving with Love

Cycles of Movement

The Power of Rest

Finding Authenticity in Dance


I invite you to embark on this journey inward, into nourishing yourself and dancing for YOU.